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For 100,000 Eyes

This is the title of a news item in Profil, the online magazine of Mitsubishi Electric in Europe. About 2.5 years ago the first Mitsubishi Electric MP1200 Wire EDM machine was implemented into our


JPT development fine metal parts


When developing new fine mechanical products it is wise to involve specialists early on in the process. Specialists who know which key factors are important…

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Building prototype fine precize metal parts JPT


Do you have a design for a fine mechanical part and would you like to know whether it would work in practice? The specialists at JPT would be pleased to build a prototype for you….

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production fine precize metal parts JPT


When producing very precise and fine mechanical parts, price and delivery time are crucial. But a slight deviation in dimensions, even measured in a couple of “thou” …

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Medical applications

When an eye surgeon, neurosurgeon or other medical specialist has to work with the greatest of accuracy, the equipment used has to be far smaller. The devices also have to function perfectly …

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Optical applications

Optical instruments can magnify images or allow us to view images from a distance. Binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. In all cases a sharp image is essential for an optimum view. …

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Creating a timepiece means many hours are spent designing the final timepiece. A timepiece will run for twenty years or more, keeping precise time to the millisecond. …

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JPT has something special to offer consulting engineers: a huge amount of knowledge with fine mechanical engineering and numerous years of experience. You can make use …

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About us


We are JPT, Jansen Precisie Techniek, we develop and produce fine mechanical precision parts. Historically we have been involved with producing very small items and we have a real passion …

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Our knowledge and skills in fine mechanical engineering has not been achieved overnight. The same principle applies to passion, it takes time to grow and develop over the years. …

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ISO Certificates

JPT has a high standard regarding quality. To assure our customers that our high quality standards are proven we decided that an ISO / DIN certificate is the right way to do so. …

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