Medical applications

When an eye surgeon, neurosurgeon or other medical specialist has to work with the greatest of accuracy, the equipment used has to be far smaller. The devices also have to function perfectly, be comfortable to operate and guarantee providing a successful intervention. All of these factors mean that medical instruments have to be extremely small and precise. Tolerances are infinitesimal or non-existent. Globally there are just a few companies that are capable of developing and manufacturing fine mechanical parts for the medical sector. JPT is one of the leading companies and can do this due to our years of experience within the medical sector. For development, building prototypes and the production of medical mechanical parts we are the company to consult. Our ISO 13485 certification is a guarantee of quality and our passion for this sector stands as surety for faultless operation. Are you are a user of medical devices or a company involved in developing medical equipment? Then please do get in touch to find out how we can help

Optical applications

Optical instruments can magnify images or allow us to view images from a distance. Binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. In all cases a sharp image is essential for an optimum view. In such applications metal parts that allow for the minimum of dimensional deviation are required. Developing and producing very precise parts is work for a specialist company. To be exact the specialists at JPT are the professionals you need to call. Because our specialists have a real passion for the smallest of details and will ensure your customers can see a hare half a mile away or a hair on your head from half an inch. Time after time, no problem. Would you like to know how we can take care of that for you? Please do get in touch and we will tell you our secret.


Creating a timepiece means many hours are spent designing the final timepiece. A timepiece will run for twenty years or more, keeping precise time to the millisecond. In order to achieve this accuracy it is vital that the fine mechanical parts used in the timepiece have practically zero tolerances. You can only achieve that accuracy with a love for precision engineering of metal parts.
The specialists at JPT understand this like no other; every timepiece is as precise as the sum of its parts. If you are a designer, developer or manufacturer of timepieces, then we would recommend you make the acquaintance of our specialists. We would be pleased to take time to demonstrate to you what “very accurate” and “very small” really means.


JPT has something special to offer consulting engineers: a huge amount of knowledge with fine mechanical engineering and numerous years of experience. You can make use of both of these assets in the development of fine mechanical parts when you want to take the next step. Working alongside your engineers the JPT specialists will come up with designs that will make the difference to your clients.
Our knowledge and experience can also be used to make the seamless transition from design via prototype and into production. This saves you a great deal of time, costs and headaches. That is the difference when you work alongside people, like the professionals at JPT, who have a passion for their art. Would you like to know how our knowledge in precision metal parts can help you offer more to your customers? Please do get in touch