Better indoor climate, better products

At JPT we recently renewed our air conditioning system and added a heat recovery system. We are now able to individually set the indoor climate for our offices, production facility and test facility. With a more stable and convenient indoor climate for our employees they have a more enjoyable and healthier environment to work in. This improves concentration and decreases the chance of illness at the same time.
Because the new system provides this stable indoor climate with both temperature and humidity, our customers benefit too. The new climate in our production facility will lead to even fewer deviations when manufacturing ultra-small and very precise metal parts. At its own, this will lead to even higher quality and that is a goal which meets our high standards.
The heat recovery system reduces our CO2 footprint, lowers our energy bill and is both sustainable and future proof.
When placing the new air conditioning system we have rebuild our quality control office at the same time. We applied energy saving LED lighting. This new LED lighting provides enough lumen (light) for eye inspection at our final quality control station and is – again – energy saving and sustainable.