Two new Wire Cut EDM machines for JPT

Over the past years we have modernized and extended our production facility and placed numerous new Wire CUT EDM machines. With our solutions and production rising as the north star we – again – ordered two new Wire CUT EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines. The new MP 1200 connect’s from Mitsubishi Electric are single source

Better indoor climate, better products

At JPT we recently renewed our air conditioning system and added a heat recovery system. We are now able to individually set the indoor climate for our offices, production facility and test facility. With a more stable and convenient indoor climate for our employees they have a more enjoyable and healthier environment to work

New: Wire EDM Production Robot

JPT introduces the first production robot for the CUT1000 Wire EDM machine. With this new robot we are able to make a big leap forward in production. The robot has 12 positions for workpieces and automatically changes those workpieces in the Wire EDM machine. This is done with ultra-high precision, necessary to produce very small

Learning on the job

At JPT we are proud to welcome Cas Platerink en Menno Wolters as our newest permanent staff members. Both started at JPT with an internship after their technical study. During their internship they have learned not only the technical skills as toolmakers and precision mechanics, they also embraced the greatest passion for the smallest metal

Happy to expand – 2 new CUT1000 for JPT

As business is growing, with more happy customers truly experiencing our biggest passion for the smallest parts, we – again – have to expand. Team JPT is happy about that and is proud to announce that in April 2018 we will increase our ‘fleet’ to six CUT1000 Wire Spark EDM machines

Season’s Greetings!

When we look back at the past year we may conclude that 2017 was another successful year. Early 2017 we were awarded with an important regional Innovation Award which is still proof of our expertise and innovation. We experienced a healthy growth and welcomed numerous new team mates with a true great passion for the

JPT award winner again

The ‘Platform Berkelland’ is a regional Dutch initiative to stimulate cooperation between businesses, local and regional governments, educational institutes and the agricultural sector. October 12th was their annual ‘Day of the Berkelland Entrepreneur’ with this year’s theme ‘Educate, Innovate and Surpass’. At this day, Mark Jansen of JPT received the ‘Noaber Booster Award’. This Noaber

JPT participant national ‘get to your work on your bike’-day

Today, May 18th, is the National Dutch ‘get to work on your bike’ day. Cycling is both healthy for body and mind. At the same time cycling is good for our environment, by saving fuel and reducing hazardous toxics in our environment. JPT staff embraced this national Dutch initiative. Today all of our employees, including

JPT and Trios winners Dutch Regional Innovation Award 2017

During the Dutch Innovation Festival 2017 the organization announced the winner of the Dutch regional Innovation Award 2017. We are proud to announce that the business combination JPT and TRiOS Precision Engineering are the winners and we may call ourselves the most innovative company for the ‘Achterhoek’ region. The magnetic marker developed by JPT and

JPT to participate in new microscopy invention

True innovations, especially high tech ones, cannot be done by one individual or just one company. True innovation requires a thorough partner-2-partner collaboration to be successful. Team JPT has been partnering with Microscopy Solutions over the past few months. Due to teamwork, co-design and high tech production of very small metal parts a new solution