Digital innovation to meet customer’s quality control needs

Our customers know that at JPT we stand for the highest quality with virtually none fault tolerance for our ultra-small metal parts. However, due to quality control standards the same customers are forced to perform a quality control function when they receive products. This is time consuming and unnecessary when we could perform the same quality control when our products leave our production facility.

Digital innovation
To help our customers save time and money we have digitally transformed the method with which we record measurements. After a successful proof of concept we now use product- and order specific digital templates where production quantity, product measurements, way of control and control points are predefined. During the production our trained staff will take samples and use automated measuring equipment to determine if the product still complies with strict specifications. Measurement results are automatically stored within the file, which at itself is automatically transferred to a non-editable file after the production run is finished and stored in a separate digital location with restricted access.

Saving time and money
When requested by customers we can digitally deliver the quality control files to them even before our products arrive at their warehouses. With that, the quality control staff of the customer are able to process the data on time. Besides, they will not have to perform a quality control at incoming goods any more and can now focus on their internal and own quality function.

Profitable partner
Besides saving time and money, our customers now have the ability to speed up the time to market for their own products, which is a true competitive benefit. At JPT we are not only very good in engineering, prototyping and production of small series of (medical certified) ultra-small metal parts, we also like to cooperate and innovate with our customers. Because only then the combined effort will not only benefit our customers and us, but the actual customers who use the final products. And that is what we live for.
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