For 100,000 Eyes

This is the title of a news item in Profil, the online magazine of Mitsubishi Electric in Europe. About 2.5 years ago the first Mitsubishi Electric MP1200 Wire EDM machine was implemented into our production facility. Now, Mitsubishi was curious about what we at JPT produce with their machines. This is their story (please download the PDF for the full article (in German)).

Mitsubishi makes a true statement on their cover page which we like to share with you.

Micro-precision in series
JPT proves that Wire EDM is not just a process for one-off production; the company manufactures precision parts for, amongst other applications, microsurgical instruments in quantities of up to 100,000. Reproducing the highest quality requires a lot of know-how.
In other words: Almost zero deviation for ultra-precise parts.

Curious on how this works? Especially with the Mitsubishi Electric MP1200 Wire EDM machine? Download the complete article (in German) from Profil over here. Contact us if you require more information or want to experience yourself.