Gas mass flow meters and liquid mass flow meters

With Gas mass flow meters and liquid mass flow meters it is vital that the flow is centred and controlled. This most definitely applies for liquid mass flow meters and gas mass flow meters with very low flow rates. These meters are used in lab conditions, in dangerous environments such as in the petrochemical industry and other industrial applications. The precision of a liquid mass flow meter and gas mass flow meter can only ever be properly achieved when the very small and precise metal parts are of the highest quality.

Precision flow meters

The specialists at JPT have a genuine passion for the minutiae of metal and due to their carefully honed skills are able to make the smallest metal parts with the tightest possible tolerances in this sector. As an example, we drill holes in metal pipes right down to 0.05 mm. This precision ensures that fluids and gases can flow freely and without any turbulence. Thus controlled and precise delivery is not a problem. This precision is vitally important in gas flow meters and liquid flow meters.

Guaranteeing quality

In addition to our passion the specialists at JPT are also ISO 9001 certificated and we work with an automated system that guarantees our quality. Our 3D laser scanning equipment provides us with specification reports for series runs or individual items, for our high precision parts for gas flow meters and fluid flow meters. These specification readings are stored and provided along with the very small metal parts for your gas flow meters, liquid flow meters, pressure meters or vapour delivery systems. Thus you are able to seamlessly incorporate the quality system into your own system and provide this guarantee to your customer.

Advantages of JPT gas flow meters and liquid flow meters

When you work with our specialists in very small precision metal parts, the craftsmen at JPT, you can count on the following benefits.

·         Tightest possible tolerances in the sector

·         A controlled process and guaranteed quality

·         Reliability of supply fits seamlessly within your production process

·         ISO 9001 certification and production according to Lean Manufacturing

Metals parts for pressure meters and vapour delivery systems

JPT can also supply you with pressure meters and vapour delivery systems. With vapour delivery systems it is vital that he vapour is atomised in the correct quantity and the right direction, without turbulence and with the least effect on the surroundings. A very precise emission nozzle is required, time after time.

Metal parts for fluid flow meters and gas flow meters from JPT

As a designer or manufacturer of fluid flow meters or gas flow meters you almost certainly need to provide your customers with the ultimate in precision. A wise move then, to get in touch with the specialists at JPT who have a passion for precision and who use laser welding and wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) to create your products. Want to know more? Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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