Happy to expand – 2 new CUT1000 for JPT

As business is growing, with more happy customers truly experiencing our biggest passion for the smallest parts, we – again – have to expand. Team JPT is happy about that and is proud to announce that in April 2018 we will increase our ‘fleet’ to six CUT1000 Wire Spark EDM machines (0,03 mm wire)! One of them will be fitted with a robot for automatic loading and offloading.

To be able to house the new Electrical Discharge Machines we are rebuilding at the moment, expanding our clean room production facility.
With the expansion we are ready to take on new jobs for engineering, prototyping and production of ultra-precise, very small metal parts for medical, engineering, time pieces and optical applications.

Do you want to experience great passion for the smallest parts and how this will lead to near zero tolerance in measurements and almost 100% repeatable quality? Please do contact us for discussing opportunities.