Instruments for Dentistry

As a dental surgeon, dentist and oral hygienist you know that your dental instruments are important. Not only must they fit comfortably in your hand but above all they must work exceptionally well in dental treatment such as dental cleaning, oral surgery, root canal treatment and extracting, drilling, filing and filling molars and other teeth and more. Very precise dental and surgical instruments are an important factor in the success of dental or oral surgery or other dental treatment.

Precision instruments benefit dentistry

Whether you work in a hospital or a dental practice, good, very fine and very precise instruments for dentists and dental surgeons are very important. Within dental and oral medicine there are many micro-instruments used such as micro forceps, drills, files, micro scissors, surgical scissors, mirrors and more. For all these precision instruments, the fact that if the very fine and ultra-precise moving metal parts are made by JPT, you as a dentist or dental surgeon can be sure that:

• These micro medical instruments are safe
• These precision instruments work well
• Your dental instruments will not cause any collateral damage
• Your treatment has a greater chance of success

ISO 13485 at JPT

JPT is certified to the ISO 13485 medical standard and that guarantees quality and safety in the design and production of medical instruments. Here it does not matter whether they are very precise and very fine medical instruments for dentistry, dental surgery or for instance nerve treatments, prostheses or fillings. With production by JPT in accordance with the ISO 13485 quality system, you as a dentist or dental surgeon can be sure that the micro instruments that you use comply with all applicable standards, regulations and legislation. Safe and sure.

Micro medical surgery

Micro medical surgery (Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) is being performed more and more often in dentistry and dental surgery in order to keep the discomfort to the patient to a minimum and to accelerate the healing process. Micro medical instruments are required for this. With the ultrafine and very precise moving metal parts from JPT, medical instrument makers can be sure that they are making micro medical instruments for dentists and dental surgeons to the highest quality. Thanks to the ISO 13485 medical standard with which JPT complies, medical instrument makers can rely on the best quality, the smallest variations in dimensions on the market and traceability of components.

Dental surgery

Whether you are a dental surgeon, a dentist or an oral hygienist, as a dentistry professional you want medical instruments that make your work easier and cause less discomfort to the patient. You want to be able to work to an accuracy of half a millimeter. With oral surgery, nerve operations, root canal treatment, dental cleaning, the fitting of crowns and bridges, filling cavities and more. With medical instruments equipped with very small, precise and very fine metal components from JPT, you can be sure that you can do your work well and achieve a better result. Do you want to make sure that the micro medical instruments that you use have the JPT fine and very precise fixed or moving parts? Then simply contact us. We will be happy to provide you with information.

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