JPT and Trios winners Dutch Regional Innovation Award 2017

During the Dutch Innovation Festival 2017 the organization announced the winner of the Dutch regional Innovation Award 2017. We are proud to announce that the business combination JPT and TRiOS Precision Engineering are the winners and we may call ourselves the most innovative company for the ‘Achterhoek’ region. The magnetic marker developed by JPT and TRiOS is used to denote a tumor for breast cancer operations and is a true invention. Not because we managed to put a whole lot of innovative technology in a very tiny piece of medical equipment. It is an invention because the surgeon can work much more precise and will finish the surgery sooner. This will lead to a benefit for the patient and that is a true innovation.

Achterhoek is Dutch Innovation Region
In the Netherlands our ‘Achterhoek’ region is mostly known for its countryside feeling, with a lot of farmers, national parks and empty roads. But in fact, this region has been a hotbed for innovative companies. It is for that reason the regional Innovation Festival was founded with this year’s third edition. Both JPT and TRiOS are very proud to be the winners of this year’s prestigious innovation price and with that contribute to this innovative region in the Netherlands.

Technological achievement
The jury mostly appreciated the partner-2-partner collaboration with the goal to innovate, in and outside the region. The foundation for the winning innovation is – dismissively written – a technological achievement with the size of a rice grain.
Breast cancer is an awful disease with a disruptive treatment for the patient. One part of the treatment can be a surgery to remove the tumor. Sirius Medical is division of the Dutch cancer specialized Anthony van Leeuwenhoek hospital. They originally developed a magnetic marker to denote a tumor during a surgery. However, this marker wasn’t designed to be mass produced. JPT redesigned (re-engineered) the marker to be able to be mass produced and widely used. We have asked TRiOS Precision Engineering to use their deep drawing technology to develop the two necessary part for the protective cover. In the end, today’s magnetic marker consist two titanium half tubes with five different very small parts, amongst with two magnets and a synthetic divider. All together the marker is no larger than a rice grain.
JPT assembles all the parts and with micro laser welding technology the titanium tube is sealed.

Benefit for the patient
The radiologist can locate the breast tumor before the surgery and enters the magnetic marker into the breast. The surgeon has a device to locate the marker during the surgery. By doing so, the surgeon can determine whilst he (or she) is on the correct ‘route’ to the tumor during the surgery. In that way the surgeon can work much more precise and doesn’t have to unnecessarily cut out undamaged tissue. This has enormous benefits for the patient; a much faster procedure and far less scar tissue. In the end, it is this benefit for the patient that was ground for winning this 2017 innovation award. Not innovating for innovation itself, but designing and developing new very small and precise technological solutions which deliver true benefits for people.

Do you want to know more about innovation, technological design and re-engineering of very precise and extreme small metal parts? Please do contact us.

Photograph © Henk van Raaij, 2017, from left to right: Hubert Marten, Ronald Reurink (TRiOS) and Mark Jansen (JPT)