JPT award winner again

The ‘Platform Berkelland’ is a regional Dutch initiative to stimulate cooperation between businesses, local and regional governments, educational institutes and the agricultural sector. October 12th was their annual ‘Day of the Berkelland Entrepreneur’ with this year’s theme ‘Educate, Innovate and Surpass’.

At this day, Mark Jansen of JPT received the ‘Noaber Booster Award’. This Noaber Booster Award was awarded ten times to businesses and entrepreneurs who received a regional or national business award in 2017. For JPT this was regarding the regional Innovation Award 2017.

With the Noaber Booster Award the organization emphasizes that JPT is a business with strong innovation, continuous learning within the organization and its employees and excels with the solutions and products they bring to market.

A full report and the pictures are available at the website of Platform Berkelland (Dutch only).