JPT partner Sirius Medical announces FDA clearance of Sirius Pintuition

Sirius Medical is a medical device company developing innovative surgical technology. JPT is one of the preferred partners and supplier for parts of the Sirius Pintuition System for breast cancer surgery. Our partner Sirius Medical is proud to announce that they have received 510(k) clearance of the United States Food and Drug Adminisration (FDA).

Safe to use
The FDA clearance for medical devices – as an addition to the CE-mark – means that after research, analysis and tests, the Pintuition system has been marked as “safe to use”. This brings an opportunity for US hospitals to import and apply the Pintuition tumor localization technology which is based on magnetism instead of radioactivity. This is a big plus for both patients and hospitals.

Stronger together
JPT is a proud partner of Sirius Medical and co-engineer of the magnetic seed which will be implemented in the human body to guide the surgeon to the tumor during the surgery. When you want to read the full story, please go to our partner reference case.

Sirius Pintuition by JPT