Micro development

The development of micro metal parts is not a minor undertaking. The specialists at JPT are well aware of this as they have had many years of experience in this field. Not only do we have the knowledge to design and manufacture ultra fine mechanical parts, we really do have a passion for our profession.

Research and development

In our research and development of micro metal parts we work in close cooperation with consulting engineers and manufacturing companies. The joint knowledge of the final product and ultra precise metal parts ensures success. Research & Development also plays an important part within JPT. Thus we design our own tools and machines in cases where the industry standard equipment does not meet the requirements of our clients.

Prototype development

In order to obtain the correct fine mechanical metal part it is first necessary to develop a prototype. In doing this we bear in mind the fact that the final production run must not deviate at all from the prototype. Or put another way, any dimensional tolerances of the production run of fine mechanical metal parts are just as tight as in the prototype. In this way we guarantee quality with our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Medical industry) certification. Our combined knowledge ensures the prototype works and the production run that follows means your products keep working.

Advantages of micro development by JPT

Knowledge and passion are the basis of success. In the designing and development of very precise metal parts we make use of our range of techniques: wire spark, zinc spark, spark erosion, the drilling of microscopic holes and assembly using micro laser technology. Technical expertise combined with knowledge and passion ensures the prototype works. The advantages to your are:

• Professional project based approach
• Joint design using combined knowledge
• Prototypes that can be converted into production runs
• Extensive 3D laser dimensional checks
• Tightest possible dimensional tolerances on the market

Research into micro technology

JPT works alongside many knowledge partners in their research into micro technology. We are also members of the Dutch Precision Technology Association and work with colleges and universities in designing and developing ultra precise metal parts in cooperation with consulting engineers. Research and knowledge ensure that your prototype will work just like a Swiss timepiece.


Are you a manufacturer, knowledge partner or consultant engineer? Do you have a requirement for a prototype that will ensure your solution will be accepted by your client? Then why not talk to the specialists at JPT. Please feel free to get in touch with us to arrange an initial meeting.

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