Micro gear

The toothed metal gears used in timepieces, watches and optical instruments are almost microscopic. Because the micro gears are essential for the movement in a watch or microscope these parts need to be of the best possible quality. This has to be guaranteed time after time. You want to be sure all your products are consistently of the highest quality.

Watches and optical equipment

The micro parts, such as gears and drive train components, produced by JPT meet the most exacting of quality standards. Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees this quality for you. This allows you to choose certainty, but there is more. Particularly in the case of watches, timepieces or optical instruments, JPT has the knowledge and passion to design, develop and manufacture the right ultra precise metal parts for you, time and time again.

Wire spark technology

With our various wire spark technology solutions (wire EDM), such as zinc spark, spark erosion but also the drilling of very small holes and micro laser welding, JPT has the in-house capability to produce micro gears that meet your specifications. It does not matter how small the part is or how special it is, our knowledge and special machines housed in the air conditioned production facility guarantee a solution that can provide a perfect fit.

Advantages of micro gears

When you choose micro gears and micro drive train parts from JPT, you benefit form the following advantages:

• Tightest tolerances on the market
• Extensive checks using 3D optical measuring machine
• Hardness tests
• Continuous quality
• All sizes available in a variety of metals

Optical equipment and timepieces

For optical applications, such as laser equipment and microscopes and for timepieces and watches all aspects have to be spot on. A poor image or deviation in time are simply unacceptable. That is why the right choice is micro parts, such as tiny gears and drive train components, with the tightest of dimensional tolerances and the greatest achievable quality. After all aren’t we all looking for practical perfection?

Experience the difference

When your requirement is for micro gears or micro drive train components of the highest possible quality at a reasonable price the choice is clear, the choice is JPT. We can design, develop and/or manufacture the micro metal parts for you that will ensure your product is consistently a quality item. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

Watch movement, micro gears