Micro instruments

Many medical professionals know that precision instruments are very important for medical interventions such as thoracic surgery, brain surgery or neurosurgery. These micro instruments must not only be comfortable to use and work effectively but vitally they need to guarantee excellent end results. With micro precision parts from JPT, surgeons the world over know that they are using precision instruments that are perfectly suited to their profession.

ISO 13485

The ISO 13485 standard held by JPT is a guarantee of quality and certainty. This applies whether it concerns instruments for thoracic surgery, neurosurgery instruments, instruments for ophthalmic surgery or instruments for brain surgery. With instruments produced by JPT under the ISO 13485 quality system, surgeons and procurement professionals at hospitals know that the micro instruments they are using are safe and reliable.

Advantages of precision instruments

When we consider medical applications there is a vast range of precision and micro instruments that are used, including micro forceps, micro injectors, micro syringes, micro scissors and surgical scissors. The same applies to all these precision instruments when ultra fine mechanical metal parts from JPT are used; the surgeon can be assured that:

• The micro medical instruments are safe
• The precision instruments are comfortable to use
• The tolerances are the finest on the market
• The operation has a greater chance of success

Instruments for ophthalmic surgery

When carrying out ophthalmic surgery, surgeons use special micro Instruments, known as ophthalmic instruments. The same applies to other medical interventions where the area operated on is very sensitive or very small. It is in precisely these cases that a surgeon wants to know for sure that the micro instruments being used are the best possible quality. The ISO13485 standard which JPT is accredited with and to which we work with strict compliance is a guarantee of the best quality. The fine mechanical parts from JPT that are used in instruments for ophthalmic surgery, thorax operations, neurosurgery and brain surgery are the best available on the market.

Micro Instruments from JPT

As a surgeon or purchasing professional at a hospital, do you want to be certain that the precision instruments you use are of the best possible quality? Make sure that they are produced by JPT or that the ultra fine mechanical metal parts they contain are designed and produced by JPT. Would you like to know more about this or us to help you make your selection? Please do feel free to get in touch with us.

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