Micro medical interventions

When we talk about micro medical interventions, such as minimal invasive surgery (MIS), the micro Instruments that are used are vitally important. Precise medical interventions require precision medical instruments, preferably designed and manufactured under the ISO 13485 quality system. Only in this way can surgeons be sure that the minimally invasive surgery they carry out has the greatest chance of success.

Minimal invasive surgery

The precision instruments that surgeons use for MIS (minimal invasive surgery) have to be of the highest possible quality. The tolerances in the fine mechanical metal parts in the instruments must be practically zero in order to ensure the chances of the operation succeeding are as high as possible. The micro instruments need to work properly, time and time again. When the fine mechanical parts developed and manufactured under ISO 13485 standards by JPT are used, the surgeons know everything is correct.

Advantages of micro Instruments from JPT

When surgeons use precision instruments with fine mechanical parts supplied by JPT for minimal invasive surgery, for example in neurosurgery, brain surgery, thoracic surgery or ophthalmic surgery, the benefits include:

• The tightest of tolerances, ensuring the best possible performance
• Guaranteed continuity of quality
• Improved chances of a successful operation
• Lower morbidity figures due to good instruments

Medical interventions

With Medical interventions it is vital to use micro instruments of the best possible quality. The specialists at JPT, who develop and manufacture ultra fine mechanical parts for medical applications, know this better than anyone else. This is why the instruments for Medical interventions made by JPT are the best on the market. The tightest of tolerances for series production runs can be guaranteed in addition to being certified under the ISO 13485 quality system. This offers peace of mind to the surgeons who carry out delicate operations and the procurement professionals at hospitals.

Instruments for Medical interventions from JPT

If your company develops Instruments for Medical interventions, such as micro forceps, micro injectors, micro syringes, micro scissors or surgical scissors, you will certainly want to know that you are offering medical professionals the best in quality. The obvious choice is the ultra fine mechanical parts of JPT. Please do get in touch with us and we can tell you how we can help you develop your Medical Instruments.

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