Milestone: CE mark for Pintuition – a non-radioactive localization system to improve breast cancer surgery

Team JPT likes to congratulate Sirius Medical with receival of the CE mark approval for Sirius Pintuition. JPT has been involved with this innovative medical technology from the very start in 2017 and are looking forward building a collaborative success later in 2020.

With the debut product, Sirius provides an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to traditional surgical localization systems that rely on anchor wires or radioactive seeds. Sirius aims to revolutionize the way tumors are localized during surgery. Within this high-tech new medical system, JPT is the partner that compiles the several ultra-small components in the seed (the marker) and micro-welds the seed. The seed itself is no larger than a rice grain.

CE mark
The CE mark certification indicates conformity with the European Union health and safety standards and paves the way for Sirius’ commercial launch in September 2020. The first Sirius Pintuition systems, with the JPT assembled and welded seeds, are currently in production and will be implemented in hospitals in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and several other European countries later this year. The United States of America will follow in 2021.

Tumor localization
Sirius provides surgical oncologists with a highly precise, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that contributes to an improved hospital workflow. The Sirius Pintuition seed can be placed up to 180 days before the surgery to mark a target within soft tissue*. During surgery, the Sirius Pintuition Probe provides highly accurate, real-time feedback and directional guidance to the marked tissue. The probe is reusable and compatible with metal instruments that are commonly used during surgery.

More information
JPT won a regional innovation award for design and development of the magnetic marker, now known as ‘the seed’ for the Pintuition solution. For more information, see the press release from 2017. For more information on Sirius Medical, the CE mark for Pintuition or the Pintuition system, please visit the news section on the Sirius website. And please do come back to the JPT website in a couple of weeks. We will be featuring a full customer success story about the Pintuition system and our collaboration with Sirius. Do you require more information at this very moment? Please do contact us.

* Please refer to the product instructions before use