New: Wire EDM Production Robot

JPT introduces the first production robot for the CUT1000 Wire EDM machine. With this new robot we are able to make a big leap forward in production.
The robot has 12 positions for workpieces and automatically changes those workpieces in the Wire EDM machine. This is done with ultra-high precision, necessary to produce very small metal parts with zero-to-none fault tolerance. Introducing the robot does increase the quality of the JPT precision products.
With the new robot we are able to speed up production. Where in the past human interaction was necessary to replace workpieces, now the robot takes over. With that, we gain an extra 6 hour production time at night for those 12 pieces. During day-time, our production staff now has more time to spent on innovation, product development and support research.
Do you want to know more about research, development and production of very precise ultra-small metal parts? Please do contact us and we will share with your our greatest passion for the smallest parts.