Profound production automation with robots

As part of our smart industry initiative in 2018 we started with the first production robot for one of our Wire EDM machines. After first positive test results and further optimization we are now fully operational with the System 3R Robots on all our Wire EDM machines. Supplier Ertec made a short movie with spectacular shots from within the robot unit to show how this works.

Time savings
The medical and optical metal products JPT produces are microscopic small, mostly under 1 mm in diameter. This means that clamping has to be done under a microscope. Transferring clamps to the production to and outlining on the Wire EDM machines is time consuming. Moreover, because measurements deviation during production should be close to zero.
With the System 3R robot at the Wire EDM machine, feeding and changing the workpieces automatically, the JPT production team saves latterly hours a day. Each day.

As our General Manager Mark Jansen likes to say: “By standardization and automation we create composure and overview for our production.” But there is more. Production automation with the Ertec System 3R Robot ensures repeatable low deviation output for our products. Besides increase in quality, JPT finds an increase in production numbers because due to the automation they can continue production during afterhours. All in all a great example of smart industry.

We can keep on writing about this topic, but the best way for understanding what the production robot means for our high precision metal parts production for medical applications, is watching the movie. We like to thank Rob Rebel from Ertec for making this film possible.