Prototype to production

When constructing a prototype that is made up of very small precision metal parts, it is never a case of just making one prototype. Often it will take a number of prototypes to ensure the final design is correct and suitable for a production run. In doing this it is vitally important to ensure that tolerances are the finest possible in the small metal parts.

Prototype as forerunner to series production run

A prototype is a forerunner to a production run. Fine tuning a prototype so that it can be put into production demands specialist knowledge. The professionals at JPT consider this aspect in the design phase of the prototype. This means that the cost price of series production of the metal parts can often be brought down.

Further development of a prototype

The further development of a prototype for very precise metal parts is a joint project. As a manufacturer, you have knowledge of the end product, but the specialists at JPT have the knowledge to be able to work alongside you to ensure the production run is as near perfect as possible. Thus we can combine various metal parts. A small part will always have closer tolerances than those of individual metal parts. This increases the precision and reduces the cost price. With the continued development of a prototype, this can be an important factor.

The advantages of going from prototype to production run

When you make use of the knowledge that JPT has at its disposal with prototypes of very precise metal parts for your product, you get the following advantages.

·         Individual metal parts being combined to form a precise new part
·         Combining function within a prototype lowers the cost price
·         Move from prototype to production without any glitches or interruptions
·         Closest possible tolerances in the sector for precision metal parts
·         ISO 9001and ISO 13485 (medical applications) certified

Series production of small metals parts

In order to ultimately commence a production run involving small metal parts requires knowledge of prototypes. This is the shared knowledge you, the manufacturer of the end product, provides and the knowledge and passion of JPT contributes when it comes to very small metal parts for prototypes. Together we will ensure the continued development of your prototype or we will construct a prototype to your specification.

Experience it for yourself

If you want to develop a prototype with extremely precise metal parts or if you already have the prototype and you want to continue its development so it can be put in to a successful production run, you simply cannot do without JPT. You can be certain that our highly skilled professionals at JPT will put their passion into providing a prototype that will put you ahead of the game. Interested to know how we do that? Please feel free to make that first appointment and get to know us.

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