Reverse Engineering

If you have existing instruments or parts of the instruments but don’t have the design or construction drawings, then producing them from scratch can be a problem. That is definitely the case when the instrument has very small metals parts. The specialists at JPT can easily solve that problem for you. After dismantling the instrument we then scan the parts with our extremely accurate 3D camera scanner, retrieve the measurements, enter that data and transfer the data to a CADD software package. After that we can correct the smallest of deviations in the scan and thus re-create the technical drawings needed to produce the very small metal parts for you. In this way reverse engineering is much more than just re-producing an existing or worn metal part.

Reverse engineering for worn metal parts

Often metal parts of repair instruments can be worn out. In such cases it is hard to determine the exact dimensions of the small metal part. For this reason JPT also uses the apposing part of the very precise metal part in order to determine the dimensions. In doing this we also take full account of size deviations due to wear and tear and employ reverse engineering to determine the correct size for the new part. We also examine the quality of the metal part, look at what metal it is made from and offer advice regarding what metal that should be used in the new part. In this way the reverse engineering of JPT offers the best possible new and reconditioned parts.

Repairs and restorations using reverse engineering

When repairing and restoring timepieces and instruments, it is often necessary to make use of reverse engineering. The construction drawings or working drawings of the instruments or timepieces may often not be available or may perhaps be unknown. Using reverse engineering JPT can provide new, reliable and very precise new metal parts. You can be assured of the finest possible tolerances in the sector and these will be verified by the readings taken by our 3D scanning equipment that guarantees quality.

Advantages of reverse engineering by JPT

When you choose the craftsmanship of JPT’s reverse engineering the benefits include the following.

·         Controlled reverse engineering process, from 3D scanning camera to new drawings
·         Advice concerning materials and dimensions for optimum operation
·         Repair and restoration of combined parts and newly manufactured parts
·         Closest tolerances in the sector
·         ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical) certified

Reverse engineering for newly manufactured parts

In addition to the reverse engineering process, JPT can also be your partner in developing and making new manufactured parts for your instruments and timepieces. We can seamlessly integrate new small manufactured parts into your instrument, timepiece or watch. These ultra-precise new metal parts fit perfectly with existing parts or restored parts. The reverse engineering process of JPT could be the ideal solution for you.

Experience the advantage

>Do you have instruments, timepieces, gas flow meters, fluid flow meters or other precision products that need to be refurbished? With the wealth of knowledge and experience of JPT in the area of reverse engineering you can be assured you are choosing quality. New ultra-accurate manufactured parts or overhaul of your small metal parts, we cater for both. Choose quality and in doing so you can be guaranteed your end customers will have many years of service from their instruments and meters. Why not make an appointment today and find out what JPT can offer you in the area of reverse engineering.

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