JPT development fine metal parts


When developing new fine mechanical products it is wise to involve specialists early on in the process. Specialists who know which key factors are important when ensuring very fine and precise parts will be able to function faultlessly when put into production. At JPT we possess all the knowledge and expertise in-house. We have been applying these skills for many years now.
Working alongside your R&D department we can investigate all the possibilities for achieving the optimum design. Together we can look at how to seamlessly put the item into production and ensure the end result is perfect. It is immaterial to us what kind of application the fine mechanical product is going to be used in. Whether the application is medical, optical, a timepiece or something completely different, we can help. Working together to develop fine mechanical parts is our passion and offers you peace of mind. We also work with consulting engineers. Try us and see.

Building prototype fine precize metal parts JPT


Do you have a design for a fine mechanical part and would you like to know whether it would work in practice? The specialists at JPT would be pleased to build a prototype for you. In doing this we go further than just building it. When required we design and build our own tooling in order to develop your design.
A standard part of the process of building a prototype is the joint investigation to discover whether the fine mechanical part can later be produced efficiently and effectively. It will also reveal whether the prototype will operate in the way you envisaged in practice. In short, building a prototype consists of more than just building a prototype. Precision is our passion. Precision provides you with a vital advantage. Please do feel free to get in touch and experience for yourself what having JPT build a prototype can really mean for you.

production fine precize metal parts JPT


When producing very precise and fine mechanical parts, price and delivery time are crucial. But a slight deviation in dimensions, even measured in a couple of “thou”, is even more important. That is not just for a one-offs but also production runs. Every time, spot-on. This does not just demand a specialist; it requires a passion for the profession.
At JPT all our skilled professional craftsmen are passionate about the production of your fine mechanical parts. Work is carried out in our ultra modern, climate controlled production facility to exacting ISO standards. Our passion and the optimum working conditions are your guarantee for achieving the highest quality with very fine tolerances. This applies to production runs on a global scale. Whether the application is optical, medical or clock components, we can help. Please feel free to get in touch and find out how we can help with production of your fine mechanical parts right down to the finest detail