Two new Wire Cut EDM machines for JPT

Over the past years we have modernized and extended our production facility and placed numerous new Wire CUT EDM machines. With our solutions and production rising as the north star we – again – ordered two new Wire CUT EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines.
The new MP 1200 connect’s from Mitsubishi Electric are single source high end Wire EDM machines which can operate with a wire diameter as small as 0.05 mm (thinner than a ‘men’s’ hair). The MP1200 is fitted with the latest D-cubes CNC control system and with easy to use touchscreens for operations.
With the new machines JPT will be able to extend its production of ultra-precise and very fine metal parts for the medical and optical industry.
The first of the new Mitsubishi Electric MP1200 connect Wire EDM machines will be installed in January 2019 and is an extension to the current Wire EDM production farm. The second machine will arrive later in 2019 and will replace an older Wire EDM machine.