Wire EDM technology

There are only a few technologies that can offer production of ultra precise metal parts of just a few millimetres in size. Spark erosion, zinc spark or wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) are a few of these spark erosion technologies. JPT has mastered these spark erosion techniques and has the most modern machines, a climate controlled production facility and most vitally the knowledge to be able to make micro metal parts you need.

Machine micro parts

Micro metal parts, such as forceps for medical applications or extremely small gears for use in timepieces, need to have practically zero tolerances. Not only do we ensure that there is practically no deviance from specification by the use of spark erosion technology but with 3D optical and laser equipment, we check to confirm that the agreed minimum tolerances have not been exceeded. This applies not just to the various fine mechanical parts that we design and produce using spark erosion technology, but also for the drilling of microscopically small holes or assembly of very small parts with micro laser technology.

Advantages of spark erosion technology

Choosing JPT’s wire EDM technology offers a great many advantages

• Tightest possible tolerances on the market
• Repeatable tolerances
• Our passion and knowledge offer solutions
• Production identical to the prototype
• Most modern machines
ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certification

The advantages of JPT’s wire EDM are not the only reasons why you should choose us. You may also make the conscious choice for JPT because we have a passion for the smallest of details. With a love for this specialist field and extensive knowledge gained over many years we can ensure that the micro metal parts that you require actually contribute to a better product for you.

Micro EDM

EDM (electrical discharge machining) has many different variants. At JPT we only use the best variants. Thus the zinc spark and wire spark options of our Wire EDM machines are not only climate conditioned but most importantly they are climate controlled. This provides certainty. This is the same certainty of quality you get when we design and manufacture fine mechanical parts using one of our other techniques, such as spark erosion and the drilling of small holes.

Certainty with JPT

When selecting the greatest degree of repeatable quality for your products that required micro metal parts for the design and production of fine mechanical metal parts then the choice to make is JPT. With our various wire spark / spark erosion technologies we can make very small metal parts for you. If you would like to know how we do this or perhaps to arrange a visit to our air conditioned production facility, please do get in touch.

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