New GPSDETECT navigation software for Sirius’ Pintuition system

Sirius Medical is a high-end medical technology provider and the inventor of Pintuition – tumor localization based on magnetic seeds which are made by JPT. The Pintution localization device will soon be available with GPSDetect™. This advanced software provides real-time directional guidance using both audio and visual feedback for unmatched precision to locate tumors in soft tissue. This enables surgeons to navigate to the tumor more easily and precisely.

Bram Schermers, CEO of Sirius Medical: “Our latest GPSDetect™ software uses our unique multi-sensor technology to provide surgeons unmatched guidance and accuracy as never seen before. Pintuition is highly intuitive and our unique TargetLOC™ feature provides additional visual feedback to the operator when the probe is perfectly aligned above the seed.”

“And with that, the seed is an important part of exact tumor localization. JPT is proud to be partner of Sirius Medical. We innovated the original magnetic seed to just a very few independent parts. Production of the magnetic seeds is on schedule with highest quality assured”, Mark Jansen, owner of JPT contributes.

More information on the Sirius Medical and JPT co-innovation can be found here. When you want to learn more about the Pintuition system, please go to the Sirius Medical website.

JPT magnetic seed tumor localization